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Urban Exploring in Newfoundland

What is Urban Exploring?

Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. The hobby goes by many names such as UrbEx, UE, Infiltration, Urban Spleunking, etc.  Although it may sometimes involve trespassing onto private property, or sneaking in to areas off limits to the public, urban explorers visit these places to photograph, experience, and document these unique places.


Urban exploring is a growing interest to many in Newfoundland. With so many locations to be explored and lots of history to be revealed, Newfoundland is an excellent place for anyone who enjoys the hobby. 

Military Bases and Bunkers

Urban Exploring in Newfoundland is very unique compared to other places in North America because of the vast amount of military operations that took place here during World War II and the Cold War. Today the remains of many naval, air force and radar sites remain forgotten. Many of these sites played a significant part in the second World War and protecting North America during the Cold War. Abandoned NORAD radar stations and key air force bases, are now left abandoned, as they have been for decades. 

Abandoned Structures and Buildings

Across the island there are many abandoned buildings and places for urban explorers to find. These include everything from old hospital, mills, dams, hostels, etc. These forgotten places have many stories to tell for those willing to find them.

Mines and Quarries

A large and important industry on the island over the last few hundred years has been mining. If you're into urban exploring and do not mind tight spaces underground, then there's lots in the province to explore. Much of the mining done on the island consisted of quarries or open pit mines, but even these have left behind buildings, structures, and tunnels waiting to be found and explored. Most companies are pretty strict on blocking off underground passages from curious people but some older places are not so good at keeping explorers out.

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