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The 'Raised' Sea Stack in Trout River

Trout River

In the community of Trout River on the island's west coast is a very unique type of sea stack. This is because the rock pillar is located almost 400 metres away from the sea and 20 metres above it. The sea stack is known locally as "The Old Man" as it resembles a man watching over the community. 

The "raised" sea stack is located on a terrace of land above the ocean. It was formed when sea levels began to lower at the end of the last ice age, 10-13,000 years ago. Before decreasing sea levels in the area were 27 metres higher than what they are today. Once they had lowered the sea stack remained elevated on a terrace above the town. 

Getting to the 'Old Man' is rather easy. From the south side of the community, you will find a trail leading up the hill onto the upper plateau. You can then hike across the top to the ancient sea stack. Its surprising that although the feature is quite rare and interesting, it is not seen on many tourist maps nor is there many signs directing you to it.  This rare feature is clear evidence of how different the world was just 10,000 years ago. 

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