The Website

HiddenNewfoundland is a collection of Newfoundland's lesser known locations and lost history. It aims to expose and share places off the beaten path, ones not typically found in tourist brochures. Every place has a story to tell but far to often these stories are forgotten about or go unrecognized. 

In writing this website I have paid close attention to detail and attempt to provide the most accurate information as possible. Often times these forgotten about places results in little recorded information or information that is argued upon. Its not uncommon to have two seemingly "reliable" sources contradict one another. In these cases I will note the discrepencies or not use the information at all. 

HiddenNewfoundland was created in 2014 primarily as a Newfoundland Urban Exploring page. A places to share what lies within abandoned buildings and structures around the island. But over the next several months I began realizing how much more of these hidden places were out there and since then have broaden the website to just about everything.

I grew up in Newfoundland and have spent nearly my whole life wandering and exploring places that many people never get to see. This desire to "explore the unexplored" along with my love for photography, history and geology drove me to create a website where I could collect photographs and research so that others could experience these hidden gems as well. 

Who is HiddenNewfoundland for?

HiddenNewfoundland does not have any specific audience, as I believe everyone loves a good adventure. Whether you are an adventure seeker, historian, photographer, etc. HiddenNewfoundland has something for you. This website shares these little-less-known places and their histories in hope that those interested will learn something and get an adventure out of it. 

About the Authour

It constantly amazes me the reaction these places have gotten and has lead me to realize that we all love a good story and adventure. This, along with my own love for adventure drives me to continue searching for Newfoundland's lesser known locations. 

HiddenNewfoundland in the Media

Over the course of creating this website I have had serval articles done in the News about what HiddenNewfoundland is all about. I would like to give a big thanks to all those involved and all of those who supported me along the way. 

What to remember when exploring

Wonders of Newfoundland revealed on website

-By: Lynn Desjardins @ CBC Radio International

Navigating HiddenNewfoundland

Hidden locations are rarely easy to find and because of this attempting to give directions to a place is difficult. Its also not always easy to pinpoint whats close to you or an area of interest. Because of these reasons I have attempted to use maps and waypoints in hopes it makes locating these sites easier to get to. 

⇨Only take pictures. Try and leave the area as it was when you got their. A large purpose of this site is to hopefully preserve these sites for all future generations that want to experience it. 


⇨Use extreme caution. Hiking trails, coastlines, cliffs and old remains can pose some serious dangers.


⇨Abandoned buildings and structures, caves and other features can be extremely dangerous to visitors. Falling debris, asbestos, and rugged walking areas pose as dangers when exploring these places.