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Cataracts Provincial Park

Colinet, St. Mary's Bay

This small provincial park is located eight kilometres west of the community of Colinet on St. Marys Bay, on the old unpaved Placentia Highway (route 91). Its located at a point where the Cataracts River and another smaller brook falls down into a deep narrow gorge. Spanning the gorge is the Ellis Memorial Bridge, a unique 1920's style bridge built in 1926. The bridge is named after William J. Ellis who showed great interest in building the bridge but never got to see it finished. 

A board walk and stairs was built around the gorge allowing visitors to walk down into the gorge and look up at the waterfall and bridge. Picnic sites and toilets are also available in the park. The park its self is not very well marked and can be easily driven past. A large parking area is located just after the bridge for visitors. 

Sources & Further Exploring

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