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Highlands Sea Stack 

Highlands, St. George's Bay

I have visited many places around the island but if forced to create a list of top five most beautiful locations the coastline south of the community of Highlands would be among it. The area is extraordinary. The area marks the beginning of the Anguille Mountains which run along the coast all the way to Codroy Valley. The coastal terrace ends abruptly at the coast resulting in high cliffs composed of sand, rock, and gravel. Erosion of the cliffs has also resulted in the formation of sandy beaches (the extent of which depends on the seasonal weather). Further in the south bedrock becomes more prevalent and thus the cliffs turn to solid rock. Waterfalls cascade down over them falling in the lower extremity of St. George's Bay.

 The most notable features are the two sea stacks formed by the eroding coastline. The smaller sea stack is located further off shore while the closer one is much larger and much more distinguishable. Its cylindrical shape rises out of the shallow waters to nearly the height of the coastal terrace. On low tide and in calm conditions its possible to walk out to it. 

The area is not totally forgotten or unknown. A lookout spot on top of the cliffs and a steep staircase were built to assist any who wish to see. Its a great place for anyone wishing to do some hiking, camping, or just looking for a place to go for a drive. 

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