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Further Reading/Learning

Here is a collection of some sources I often use for research that I highly recommend for anyone interested in Newfoundland and its history.

Vanished in the Mist: Lost Newfoundland

Documentary on NL History

Occupied St John's: A Social History of a City at War, 1939-1945

By: Steven High

Geology Of Newfoundland: 

Touring Through Time at 48 Scenic Sites

by Martha Hickman Hild 

The Oldest City: The Story of St. John's

by Paul O'Neil

Newfoundland Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-5

Found at Centre of NL Studies, Memorial University

The Book of Newfoundland 

Volumes 1-6

Battlefront Newfoundland: Britain's Oldest Colony at War, 1939-1945

By: Jack Fitzgerald

A Friendly Invasion - The American Military in Newfoundland: 1940-1990 

by John N. Cardoulis

*Both Versions I and II

Once Upon A Mine: Story of Pre-Confederation Mine

by Wendy Martin

A Gift of Heritage: Historic Architecture of St. John's - From Newfoundland Historic Trust

Haunted Shores Series By: Dale Jarvis

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