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East White Hills Cement/Concrete Plant

East White Hills, St. John's

Driving down East White Hills Road towards Quidi Vidi Lake in St. Johns, you will drive past Robin Hood Bay Waste Disposal Site on the left, then just before coming to the road leading up to Concrete Products Ltd Quarry, you will notice several concrete structures in a field between the warehouses of Concrete Products Ltd and the road. This site appears to be an old concrete/cement plant that has been abandoned for quite a while.  

Several of the structures near the road appears to be have been once used for sorting rocks. To the left of the site about 75 meters back is the opening to a fairly long tunnel. The tunnel extends about 20-25 meters horizontally into the hill behind it. The tunnel contains several large pieces of machinery that would have been used for sorting rocks as well. The sorted rocks would have then fallen onto a conveyor belt which can be still seen there today. The tunnel is very cramped to walk through due to water that has collected at the bottom and the large machinery hanging from the ceiling. 

On the back end of the site there is a small building on top of a small hill. In the building are large metal frames that appears to have once held electric panels most likely to control machinery on the site. 

Although a great amount of research was done, I did not find much information regarding this place. It is possible that it was an old site used by Concrete Products Ltd located nearby. Many sources also mention of another concrete company, Lundrigan Concrete Ltd who operated on land nearby many years ago. 

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