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Elliston Ridge Gap Filler Station

Elliston, Bonavista Peninsula

The remains of this old Pine Tree Line radar site can be found atop a hill near Elliston on the Bonavista Peninsula. This site was once ran by the 642nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron ran part of the USAF. The site was a general surveillance and gap fill radar station. Construction on the base began in 1955 and was opened between 1957 and 1961. Elliston Ridge AS consisted of two connected buildings. All facilities and power generators were located in the main building which was located next to the operations building which housed a radar dome and controls.  

Today very little is left on the site. The foundations to the main building can be seen and possibly the concrete supports for the generators. Nearby is a large circular area that was once a helipad. Adjacent to that is a large concrete square, with ~6 foot high walls along its sides and a circular foundation in the middle. Some people believe that this was used for water storage for the site. 

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