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What To Find Along The Old Newfoundland Railway

Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park

Date Last Modified: November 18, 2016

Trinity, Bonavista Peninsula 

In November of 1911 the owners of the Newfoundland railway, the Reid Newfoundland Company opened a line on the Bonavista Peninsula. For the most part the railway line was fairly easy to design because of the low elevation changes seen on most of the peninsula's interior. One problem arose however when they attempted to bring the train into the town of Trinity. The town is located along the coast and is surrounded by steep hills which would have made it impossible to get to by train. The solution was a two kilometer extension that would loop around a nearby pond (later named "Loop Pond") and gradually lower the railway tracks to an acceptable elevation. To do this the Reid Company hired the engineer J.P. Powell to design what would become known as The Trinity Loop.

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