Argentia Airfield and the Anti-Aircraft Bunkers

Argentia, Placentia Bay

Date Last Modified: April 18, 2016

During the construction of the multi-million dollar airfield, over 8.5 million cubic feet of peat, gravel, and earth had to be moved in order to build the airfield facilities needed. These facilities included three runways, aircraft hangers, ammunition magazines, a seaplane base and 2000 feet of docks. Today the airfield is accessible however is in dismal shape. On top of this the construction of a Husky Energy's Oil Platform on the North tip of the Peninsula is threatening to further destroy remaining features of the airfield.  

The Runway

Runway landing lights extending out into Placentia Bay.

The airfield consisted of three runways, each measuring roughly 5000ft, 5500 ft, and 7000 ft.

Aircraft Hangers

Very few of the original buildings remain on the airfield today. Most have been torn down or have been renovated to be used as office space. An aircraft hanger and storage warehouse are among the last structures that remain standing today. Both buildings are now fenced off due to their deteriorating condition. 

Ammuninition Magazines

Scattered through out the area are ammunition storage magazines. These bunkers were camouflaged so they could not be targeted by enemy aircraft. Each of the bunkers typically contained just one large room with a blast proof door. 

The Seaplane Base

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