Hidden Newfoundland takes an informative look at a variety of lesser known attractions, curiosities, and locations on the island of Newfoundland.  With 500 years of European History, 9000 years of aboriginal history, and 500 million years of geologic history there is no shortage of places to explore and adventure to be had on the island.   

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HiddenNewfoundland began as an urban exploring website and that was dedicated to sharing photos and information on various abandoned locations across the province. But Newfoundland has more to offer than just a unique variety of abandoned buildings and I decided to expand the scope to encompass everything hidden and lesser known. The locations described in the following pages will give you a sense of awe and wonder, places that are rich with history and make for a great story, most of which are known by few. 


HiddenNewfoundland.ca combines adventure with history and exploration to provide a database and bucket list for all those wanting more than just the average tourist destination. 

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Hidden newfoundland is built on the basis of hidden locations that few people know about. While there are exceptions, many of the places on here are only known by the locals that live nearby. Whether that be a swimming hole or an abandoned house, everyone has a hidden spot to share. Its difficult to find all of these locations and because of this I ask for your help!

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