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Exploring Newfoundland's
Hidden Wonders, Lesser Known Histories,
& Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations


Newfoundland's unique culture, history, and geology is unlike any other place in the world. Every year thousands of tourists, both local and come-from-aways, travel the province to experience the unique destinations located across the island. But I believe these locations are far too often confined to the typical cliché tourist destinations found in any tourism brochure. Newfoundland is a wondrous place filled with hundreds of hidden gems and lost histories that not even locals know about. serves as not only a guide to finding these places but as a collection of stories, histories, and oddities from across the province. The intention of this book is to provide both a field guide and encyclopedia into the unknown wonders of Newfoundland.

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Abandoned Buildings & Forgotten Structures

History of Mining

Remnants of War & Conflict

Historic Places

Natural Wonders & Scenic Destinations

Shipwrecks & Aircraft Crash Sites

Lost History

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Hidden Newfoundland

120+ ghost towns, natural wonders, and other off-the-beaten-path destinations

Throughout 2020 and 2021, I had the opportunity to work with publisher, Boulder Books to produce a guidebook that not only has expanded on places already published on this website but also includes the stories and locations of many more incredible places waiting to be explored in the province. Hidden Newfoundland is a collection of Newfoundland’s most incredible places, how to find them, and how they came to be hidden or forgotten. If you are interested in resettled communities, abandoned buildings, lost ruins, aircraft crash sites, natural wonders, or just simply wishing to explore a new side of Newfoundland, then make sure you check out Hidden Newfoundland: 120+ ghost towns, natural wonders, and other off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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While Newfoundland will always be home, my adventures have since taken me outside the province. Of course, I have no plans to stop exploring and uncovering more hidden places and obscure stories that make our communities great. To stay up to date on new places to explore in Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada, and beyond, consider visiting my recently launched blog,, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram. is two things: First, it is a place to find new adventures and places to explore that my partner, Lindsay, and I have discovered in our ambitious plan to see every corner of our own backyards, wherever they may be. Secondly, and in line with HiddenNewfoundland, it is our personal collection or atlas of lost stories, hidden places, and natural wonders. It aims to raise awareness about hidden and forgotten places with significant historic, cultural, and geologic importance while also providing fellow avid adventurers, historians, and curious minds with new places to find and explore.

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About Me

My name is Scott Osmond (he/him), and I am an avid adventurer, photographer, and writer. I grew up in Corner Brook but eventually moved to St. John’s where I completed degrees in Civil Engineering and Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2014 I established as a place to share the province’s hidden places, lost stories, and natural wonders in hopes that it would bring awareness of its history and provide others with an opportunity for adventure.

Find some of the provinces best swimming locations (both hidden and public).

Explore the province's hundreds of resettled and abandoned communities.

Find out more about the exceptionally dark skies Newfoundland has to offer.

Learn more about Newfoundland, its history and how its hidden wonders came to exist.

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